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AMA Computer Learning Center

Sacrificing the education of the youth due to large increase in tuition fees will no longer be the resort of every Filipino parent who cannot afford to send their children to college. AMA Computer Learning Center, a component of the AMA Education System guarantees an IT education that provides bigger and better opportunities, making the future visible for people who seeks for globally recognized but affordable quality IT education

ACLC offers a wide range of diploma programs providing two-year courses on Computer System Design and Programming, Computer System and Network Technology, Business and Information Management, Computer-Based Accountancy and Internet Technology. AMACLC students as well, can earn the prestigious International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies in just one year. A six-month diploma in A + PC Support Technician is likewise offered

Computer System Design and Programming equips the student with the core knowledge on the latest techniques and methodologies in program logic development, software development tools, software testing tools, software maintenance, documentation and entry-level software engineering.

The first year of the Computer System and Network Technology gives the students a strong foundation in computer system repair and trouble shooting.

Basic knowledge and skills on the broad spectrum of activities involved in the development of information systems is provided by the Business and Information Management Course which covers all general Information Technology applications found in a modern business setup.

With courses that are recognized by international affiliates like Microsoft,3COM and Lucent Technologies, stable career in Information Technology here and abroad awaits graduates of AMACLC.

Aware of the Filipino youth’s talent and ingenuity, AMA Computer Learning Center pushes on the enhancement of their skills by providing a highly affordable and accessible education, thereby maximizing the production of well-educated graduates ready to face and conquer the competent world.