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 » The Best 2 Years using the Latest Software
AMACLC students are trained with the latest Microsoft-licensed software programs and offers courses on Internet application for an added advantage.

 » The Best 2 Years using the Most Advanced Computer Hardware
AMACLC students enjoy unlimited access to over 5,000 PC’s which are linked through a Local and Wide Area Network and to an array of sophisticated mainframe and mid-range on-line computers.

 » The Best 2 Years under the most Competent Instructors
Although AMACLC students are encouraged to study independently, they are still guided and monitored by professional instructors who are certified by world-renowned Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies and Microsoft.

 » The Best 2 Years of Hands-on Computer Training
AMACLC has been known for its 1:1 student-computer ratio to maximize learning through constant practical application. Computer workshops are aligned with Microsoft’s official curriculum.

 » Maximum Units Credited to AMA Computer College Degree Programs
60%-80% units earned by AMACLC graduates will be credited to AMA Computer College B.S. degree programs.

 » The ONLY Computer School that grants Local and International Diplomas in One Program